Saturday 11th August 2012 - Married for 2198 days

About Us


MichaelMak is a gulpin through and through. He is fond of football, both playing and attending WHL (home of the mighty Spurs), golf, darts, drinking and good feeds.


AlisonAli is loving the wedding planning process and doesn't know what she will do when it all ends! Feeling slightly terrified of walking up the aisle so please be kind to me!

How we met...

We first met at play school in 1987. Michael was privileged enough to visit my farm and have a ride on Auntie Melly's pony! We were then reunited when we shared halls of residence in Glasgow's Murano Street student village in 2002 where lots of shopping trolley rides, fire extinguisher soakings and food fights brought us closer together. We started going out at the end of our first year of uni in 2003 and have been together ever since!

The proposal...

Michael and I got engaged on Christmas day 2010 in my dining room away from the hubub and chaos of Christmas dinner preparations. I looked like an absolute rotter in my fleece pyjamas, uggs and dressing gown when he got down on one knee. Even though we had been going out for 8 years and had talked about getting married quite a bit it was a complete shock! I hid my face under my dressing gown and turned away from him and was a shaking, blubbering mess! When I calmed down we were able to go and tell all the family. It was the most magical Christmas ever and the champagne flowed!!