Saturday 11th August 2012 - Married for 2198 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Introducing the motley crew that will be available for your viewing pleasure come 11th August. Some of these people are so rough they wouldn't be let on Channel 4's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, so instead the TV crew from Sky One's My Big Fat Gulpin Wedding will be in attendance.

The Bridesmaids & Flowergirl
The Moore sisters and wee Holly P

HollyFlower girl. Holly is Michael's niece and is from the deep south. At 5 years old she is near completion of her first year at school. She adores animals and is very much an outdoor girl.
JennyThe Chief. Jens is proud to be the chief. In charge of organising the hen weekend and helping with DIY and decision making she has been my rock through the wedding planning process. Jens is a very talented cake maker and has proven herself very useful during stressful times with her ability to whip out a guinness cake or 2! I look forward to tasting some of her delights on the 11th August. Jens will look beautiful on the big day but is most likely to ruin her eye makeup by shedding happy tears during the wedding ceremony.
NicolaBridesmaid no 1. As a medical student Nik has proven to be the 'brains' of the Moore clan. For those visiting The Coagh in the days running up to the wedding please take note of the beautifully manicured lawn and fully restored garden seat both at the hands of our Nik. Sure to look stunning on the big day Nikki remains my staunchest supporter of having a few doggy bridesmaids. We are still working on Linda.
LaurenBridesmaid no 2. Gorgeous Laz is very excited about all the girlie elements of the big day. Currently studying for her GCSEs she distracts herself by putting on makeup, taking photos with instagram and booking concert tickets. She is counting down the days until she gets to see ONE DIRECTION! Please be warned that along with Nikki she will probably giggle hysterically during the weddding ceremony.

The Best Man
Mr Craig Hutchinson, architect extraordinaire

Craig The Worst Man. Sally and The Groom have been bessie mates this long time (yer chattin' about 17 years). He was the sole candidate for the role of BM. He has a wonderful ability to fall asleep in even the most raucous of bars and nightclubs, so fingers crossed he will make it past 10pm on the big day. Sally is also a very accomplished public speaker and has talked of nothing else but delivering his big speech since he got the gig.

Cam (Cambone) Beals and Richard (Churd) Moore

Cam Beals
Cam BealsThis entrepreneurial Canuck will be in attendance with beautiful wife Erika and gorgeous new addition Sunny. Owner of the second largest landscape gardening company in Vancouver, whilst not working Cam enjoys nothing more than consuming vast quantities of sushi and beer, being lousy at tennis and playing the stock market like a fiddle. Cam provided the groom with gainful employment in Van City and also acted as the happy couple's private chaffeur service during their time in Canada.
Richard Moore
Richard MooreGroomsman and younger brother of the bride. Young Dick is a hallion of the highest order. His three main passions are drinkin', skiin' and gulfin' (in that order). A qualified building surveyor, Richard has returned home like the prodigal son in order to fulfil the role of Farm Manager at the Coagh Estate. He has aspirations of developing a chicken farm on the grounds and hopes to develop a spin off takeaway business entitled FFC (or "Fermanagh Fried Chicken"). The groom and Little Dicky have been gulfing companions for many years, with Michael finally overcoming The Dicktator in a one on one match earlier this year after 9 years of trying.

Ross 'The Boss' Phillips and Matthew Abbottabad

Ross A friend to the happy couple for nine years, and friend of the Moore family for longer still, The Boss is one of the world's leading authorities in electrical engineering. He made headlines recently when the power plant he is employed by in Essex had to be closed down for several days due to an explosion - press sources indicate that Ross simply could not resist pressing that big red button! Something of a connoisseur when it comes to grub, Ross once described KFC as "genuinely good food" without a hint of irony. A surefire way to attract The Boss round for a visit is to start preparing dinner, as sure as eggs is eggs he will be round like a shot once he picks up the scent. Ross will be accompanied on 11th August by his lovely g/f, Jen, who has somehow learned to live with his vast quantities of bodily hair and his extraordinary levels of perspiration.
Matthew Abbott
Matthew Abbott Alison's kilt-wearing cousin from the wilds of Fife, Scotland. He is partial to a garish Christmas jumper and a large feed from The Railway Hotel. Matthew once let the bride loose with an electric razor on his overgrown brows and ended up with an eyebrow not dissimilar to J from 90s boy band 5ive. Matthew's party pieces include laughing like a seal and talking in a camp Northern Irish accent. He is about to embark on a new chapter of his life when he will unleash himself onto some unfortunate university campus.

The parents
Linda (Linny) and Charlie (Charlie) Moore Derek (Derk) and Barbara (Babs) Preston

Derk and Babs
Derk and BabsAnyone that knows Ali and Michael will have met or heard of Derk and Babs. Derk is a wild boy. Fond of the red biddy and pickin' at anyone within range, he holds the world record for longest amount of time to play a hand in the popular card game "Beanie". Derk is a very keen amateur photographer whose artwork can be purchased at Babs is the ying to Derk's very intense yang. A calming presence, Babs will be sure to play a key role on 11th August in ensuring all passes off smoothly and without any hitches ('scuse the pun). These two have been diddying Michael for 28 years and have spoiled him rotten. Happily for the groom, this trend looks set to continue beyond the wedding day as his intended will certainly be striving to do the same.
Linny and Charl
Linny and CharlLinny and Charl, what can I say. The bride has put them through hell and back during the baby colic days and later as an angry rebelling teen. Thankfully they didn't think it too torturous as they went on to have a further 4! Very fond of the craic, they are always running late and remain to be the most laid-back couple around. They enjoy summer barbecues by the lake, watching a tv series in front of the fire, holidaying in the south of france, going to rugby internationals and the odd darts match round at the Prestons. Even with 5 children Linny has always been there for all of us from writing our English GCSE coursework to proof reading our CVs and generally getting us out of hanks. She has worked tirelessly beautifying the garden at The Coagh in preparation for the 11th August. When not out tending to the cattle or in the the fields in his fendt tractor, Chaz is oft heard referring to himself as the autobank. His love of singing Elvis songs often results in whooping the whole family into a singing frenzy. I can't wait to see his dance moves on the big day!